Omegon anti-vibration pads

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Omegon vibration suppression pads - for vibration-free observing

Imagine you are observing on a clear night, but your enjoyment is spoilt due to the wind or a nearby road making the image in your telescope unsteady. Small vibrations are being transmitted directly to the image.

This does not need to be a problem - These new Omegon vibration suppression pads reduce vibration and provide you with a steady image for an enjoyable night's observing.

  • dampens out tripod vibrations from the wind or from touching the scope
  • makes observing possible when located near to roads
  • stops the tripod's feet sinking into softer surfaces
  • avoids damage to the floor in your home
  • prevents dirty tripod feet
  • even works with heavier telescopes

Prevent vibrations - always and everywhere

Just take these anti-vibration pads with you to every observing location - they are the perfect base, both for hard and soft surfaces. On soft surfaces, such as grass, the pads will also prevent the tripod feet both from becoming dirty and from sinking into the ground. Even when you carefully levelled your telescope first, it will remain level when using the anti-vibration pads.

Astrophotographers and visual observers love a steady image

A stable image is a must for successful exposures if you want to photograph the night sky. Suppose your telescope is standing on a balcony, terrace or concrete platform. Every step you take is transmitted directly to the telescope and shakes the image around. These flexible vibration-suppression pads insulate the telescope from such vibrations and the result is a stable image. And they let you walk around your telescope without having to worry.

In future, save yourself the annoyance of shaky images and get yourself some real help for frustration-free observing and astrophotography.

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Brand Omegon
Product Code 44692
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