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Product information

Prodigy Microfocuser is a robust clear 3-inch robotic focuser which allows you to precisely and remotely control the focus of your telescope setup.

Its sturdy mechanical design ensures that Prodigy Microfocuser can lift up to 10Kg of equipment, dead accurate and flexure free. Focuser has a 25mm of draw tube travel and a clear aperture of 76mm / 3”.

The full 3-inch focuser drawtube accepts different types of telescope adapters such as Celestron SCT Edge, GSO RC types and refractor types.

Prodigy houses 2xUSB2 switchable ports and 2x12V switchable power outputs that provide electric “juice” to your equipment close to the focuser (e.g Filter Wheel, Guiding camera etc).

Clear aperture of 3 inches

Prodigy Microfocuser has a clear aperture of 3 inches or 76mm. Its drawtube can travel up to 25mm

Adjustable rotation

Focuser allows adjustable rotation / precise orientation on both sides. This helps you to easily fit the microfocuser to your telescope and also place your camera with the desired orientation.

Innovative design supporting highweight loads

Prodigy Microfocuser is not a Crayford neither a Rack & Pinion type. Its innovative mechanical focus design provides very high load support and accuracy with zero maintenance. Prodigy Microfocuser can easily lift up to 10Kg (22lb) of imaging equipment with zero flex

Zero Motor Backlash

Embedded stepper motor design ensures a smooth, low noise and backlash free operation. V-Curve points during automatic focus procedure are dead accurate.

In the box

Prodigy Microfocuser ✔
M54 Male to M54 Male Adapter ✔
M54 Male to M48 Male Adapter ✔
Temperature Sensor (0.6m) ✔
USB type B Cable (1.8m) ✔
Cigarette Lighter Adapter (10A fused) ✔
2 x USB2 (angled) (0.5m length) ✔
2 x 2.1mm Power cord (0.5m length) ✔
Mechanical Drawing

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