Pegasus Dew Zap V2 Dual Channel Dew Controller

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Product information

Pegasus DewZap has two individual digital RCA outputs. You can control power output by turning each knob on the top of the controller.
This Dew Controller is built with modern digital electronics and fully supports Digital Pulse Width Modulation Duty Cycle Control (PWM). It is powerful enough to clear telescopes with large lenses such as triplets, unlike cheaper devices. Current consumption is very efficient so no heat or power is wasted.
  • Two Knobs control a Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle from zero to 100%
  • Ten (10) amps current capacity (5 amps per channel) enabled by high capacity long-life electronic components.
  • Powerful mosfets on each output can provide easily 5Amps per channel without any voltage drops.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • An LED indicator in front of the faceplate ensures controller is operational.
  • A detachable 1.8m fused power cord (1.8m length) is provided. The fuse is at 8 Amps.
  • Fully tested and compatible with Kendrick or DewZapper dew heater range.
Pegasus Dew Zap Controller Quick Start Guide here (.PDF opens new window)
Technical information:
  • Supply Voltage 12V DC Operation
  • Output Same input voltage in Pulse Width Modulation Duty Cycle
  • Channels Dual (2)
  • Power Outlets 2 x RCA
  • Power Input Connector 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket
  • Dimensions 66 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm
  • Detachable fused power cord  A Slow fuse is at 8Amps, located on tip. Cord has 1.8m length

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Product Code PEG-DEWZAP
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