Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount

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This is the new NEQ6-R PRO mount which has an improved altitude adjustment knob, a belt drive, and a handle for carrying the rather hefty head unit, making use in the field much easier. Until now, these features were addressed with aftermarket modifications to the Standard NEQ6 PRO which could be quite expensive, so the "R" is the next step up. This makes the EQ6-R PRO SynScan good value mount to consider with a reasonable carrying capacity and accuracy, while still remaining affordable.
Pier use - if you want to mount the EQ6 on a pier, check out the Altair EQ6 Pier adapter for Altair/SkyShed Pier.
The EQ6 features an autoguider port, as well as periodic error correction (PEC), making it a contender for astro photography as well as visual use.
The latest precision belt driven synchronous motors in both axis for smooth quiet slewing at over 4 degrees a second, with high torque stepper motors provide superior guiding and tracking for astrophotography. Belt drive technology not only means quiet, smooth operation but significantly reduces backlash associated with geared systems. The dual-fit dovetail makes this mount compatible with both Synta / Vixen and Losmandy type bars allowing most optical tubes to fit securely. The payload is 20kg, allowing a wide variety of optics to be used, from refractors to small RCs.
We offer package prices with Altair RC and refractor optical tubes - please call for more information.

The SkyWatcher SynScan handset (V4) has an easy to use menu system yet enough advanced features like PPEC worm gear and worm periodic error correction function (avoids having to constantly re-train) as well as the vast 42,000 object database with Goto function.
Polar alignment: The built in illuminated polar alignment scope means polar alignment can accurately achieved for basic visual use or astro photography. For longer exposure imaging and we recommended the Altair Astro GPCAM guide camera and Altair guidescope optical tube combos, with which you can achieve perfect polar aligment in minutes using Sharpcap.
Ergonomic features: The SkyWatcher EQ6-R PRO includes a convenient carry handle to help moving the head around as well as mounting it to the 2" diameter stainless steel tripod (included). The latitude adjustment bolts have been improved, with a larger thread size, and a greater adjustment range. The knobs have been increased in size, making them easier to grip, even with gloved hands.
DSLR compatibility: The EQ6-R equatorial mount is equipped with a camera SNAP port facility which can control the shutter release of your DSLR camera, which is handy if you aren't using software like backyard Nikon or BackyardEOS to control the camera direcly from a PC. With the V4 SynScan hand controller camera control function you can take batch exposures when doing astrophotography. Full details of this function are in the SynScan user manual.
Included in the package:
EQ6-R Equatorial Mount
Stainless steel tripod
2x 5kg Counterweights
Synscan handset & cable
Cigar type power lead (requires 12v supply)
What you need to use this mount:
A suitable quality 12v mains or rechargable power supply with a current rated above 4 amps (see related accessories below) and an optical tube assembly

  • Product Name:  EQ6-R PRO Synscan
  • Mount Type:  German Equatorial 
  • Maximum Payload (Counterweights excluded):  20kg (for Astro-Photography)
  • Latitude Adjustment Range:  5º to 65º
  • Azimuth Adjustment Range:  About ±9 º
  • Mount Weight (Tripod excluded): 17.3 kg
  • Counterweights Supplied:  2 x 5kg
  • Tripod Supplied:    2-inch stainless steel, 7.5kg Weight
  • Counterweight Rod:  18mm Diameter, Length 240mm + 180mm
  • Power Requirement:  DC11~16V 4A
  • Motors: 1.8 º Hybrid Stepper Motors
  • Transmission:  180:1 Worm Drive + 48:12 Timing Belt Drive + 64 Micro-step/1.8º Stepper Motor Drive
  • Gear Ratio:  720
  • Resolution:  9216000 Counts/Rev., approx. 0.14 arc-second
  • Maximum Slewing Speed:  4.2 degrees/second
  • Tracking Rate:  Sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate
  • Tracking Mode:  Equatorial mode
  • Auto-guiding Speed:  0.125X, 0.25X, 0.5X, 0.75X, 1X
  • PEC: 100 Segments Permanent PEC (PPEC)
  • Hand Controller: SynScan
  • Database:  42000+ Objects
  • Celestial Object Catalogue:  Messier, NGC, IC, SAO, Caldwell, Double Star, Vari-able Star, Named Star, Planets
  • Pointing Accuracy:  Up to 5 arc-minutes (RMS)
  • Integral SNAP camera control port
  • Dual-Fit 45mm/75mm Dovetail Saddle
  • Polar Alignment Scope

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Product Code 20855
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