SkyVision Compact Dobsonian 300 400 500 600 750mm

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Product information

The SkyVision Compact Dob range features optics made in France, housed in a finely crafted CNC machined chassis with carbon fibre truss tubes. Collimation is so easy, your barely aware of it. A soft yet rigid CNC cut foam mirror cover protects the optics without any risk of damaging them if dropped. The secondary mirror is extremely rigidly held in stainless steel spider vanes. Optics are fully adjustable and the telescope is light and easily transportable, despited the large apertures.

Talk to us about adding the servo drive system for full GOTO and tracking, even enabling high power planetary imaging.

Not only does the sensible engineering make this telescope a pleasure to use, but optics are also very good with a faultless star test and a quick cool-down time. What's more, the price is very reasonable indeed.

SkyVision Compact Dobs are custom built to order therefore prices may vary due to options:

T300-Compact AZ Telescope F4  £ per Quote
T400-Compact AZ Telescope F4  £ per Quote
T500-Compact AZ Telescope F4  £ per Quote
T500-Compact AZ Telescope F3.3 £ per Quote
T600-Compact AZ Telescope F3.3 £ per Quote
Compact AZ Options:
Secondary heater installed (must be ordered before build commences)
Skycommander Computer (installed incl. encoders)
Nexus DAC WiFi Computer (installed incl. encoders)
Motorized GOTO System (installed, must be chosen with Skycommander or Nexus DSC WiFi options above)
Field De-Rotator (OPTEC - must be ordered before build commences to allow enough backfocus)
Buggy for transport (x3 wheels, breaks down for transport)
Light Shroud 
Product information, dimensions, component weight:
Model ref.
T300 T400 T500 T500 T600 T750
Diameter (mm/) 300 / 12 400 / 16 500 / 20 500 / 20 600 / 24 750 / 30
Focal Length (mm/) 1200mm 1600mm 1650mm 2000mm 1980mm
Focal Ratio F 4 F 4 F 3.3 F 4 F 3.3 F 3.3
Weight & Dimensions: optics: 6.7kg optics: 12.5kg optics: 17.7kg optics: 17.7kg optics: 36kg optics: 60kg
Total (*) 29.5kg 35.5kg 41.5kg 42.5kg 61kg 120kg
Rocker 9kg 11kg 12kg 12kg 35lb soon
(L x l x h) 50x50x12cm 60x60x15cm 70x70x32cm 70x70x32cm 33x33x15 soon
Primary Cage 15kg 17kg 21kg 21kg 32kg soon
(L x l x h) 41x41x20.5cm 51x51x20.5cm 62x62x30.5cm 62x62x30.5cm 81x86x30.5cm soon
Secondary Cage 1.85kg 3.25kg 4.7kg 4.7kg 6.8kg soon
Diameter 400mm Dia. 500mm Dia. 600 mm Dia. 600 mm Dia. 686mm Dia. soon
Focuser Height at Zenith 130 cm 170 cm 170 cm 175cm 203cm soon
Total Height 140cm 180cm 190cm 190cm 220cm soon
Truss pole 2.5kg 95 cm 3.1kg 110 cm 4.2kg 150cm 4.2kg 165 cm 5kg 130 cm soon
Points 9 pt 9 pt 18 pt 18 pt 18 pt SV 18 pt SV

Primary mirror 97% Enhanced aluminium coating
Secondary mirror High reflectivity coating
Focuser Starlight Feather Touch 2
Truss pole SkyVision carbon monobloc ©
Primary mirror cell High precision aluminum cell

Altair staff comments: "We of course had to order one to try it ourselves. When our first unit arrived, we opened the wooden primary mirror case (which is of course separate for transport) and found a full multi-page optical test report including traditional Focault knife edge tests, as well as high contrast images testifying to the smoothness of the optics. Below that, a pair of white cotton gloves, and below that the mirror itself nestling in it's custom wooden carrying case. To give you some idea of what these optics are capable of, our T300 unit easily displayed Ganymede as a clearly defined disc, with plenty of detail visible on Jupiter's cloud belts, as well as the Great Red Spot (well it was more a washed out pink) easily picked out. Although there wasn't a Jovian moon transit going on at the time, we felt that these optics were so smooth, they would easily pick out a moon against the planet, something often only the preserve of refractors. Deepsky objects were bright, and stars were sharp points at low and high power. When our eyes had become dark-adapted, we kept coming back to the Orion Nebula which showed plenty of detail and took on form and substance with dark lanes visible and the Trapezium cluster at the centre shining brightly. The Pleiades were also amazing, with young, white-hot stars filling the field. After an hour of effortlessly slewing this telescope around the heavens, we felt this was one of the nicest Dobsonians we had ever used."

Ordering: This product cannot be ordered online because it is built-to-order. Please contact us for a quote and options.

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