SkyWatcher Premium Laser Collimator

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Product information

A premium laser collimator with adjustable brightness for owners of Newtonian reflectors to keep the mirrors in perfect optical alignment. This 1mW red laser collimating device boasts some of the best and most practical functions collimators can offer. A large display window allows the user to clearly see the face of the device. Whilst most other brand name collimators only have one setting, this has seven adjustable brightness levels.

The 1.25 laser collimator comes complete with a removable 2 adaptor, for use in all sizes of focuser designed to center accurately. Designed for the accurate collimation of Newtonian Reflectors, Dobsonians and Refractors.

The Next Generation Laser Collimator

Large clear window - easy clear view for accuracy
Adjustable brightness - fine tune to compensate for conditions
2" & 1.25" adaptors - use on any focuser type
1mw output - powerful easy to see dot
Batteries included - ready to use
Full instructions included

Be aware of the following as you use your Laser Collimator:

Only turn on your laser when you are going to use it. All lasers use up battery power very quickly and have short battery life.

Note the small "doughnut" or centre spot attached to your telescope's primary mirror, most have these. The doughnut is attached to help you perform alignment with the Laser Collimator.

Simple to use for fast accurate collimation
Essentially you need to first adjust the secondary mirror to get the red dot in the centre of your primary mirror, then adjust your primary mirror to return the red dot to the centre of the lasers viewing window.

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MPN 20119
Brand Skywatcher
Product Code 20119