Starlight Xpress Slim Off-Axis Guide Head OAG to fit SX filter wheel

Product code: SX-SXLFW-OAG
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Product information

A new Off Axis Guider (or OAG) for the Starlight Xpress filter wheel.
This helps with accurate, flexure-free guiding in situations where there is enough space to insert it between the camera and field flattener, and is especially useful when it isn't possible to use a guide scope or miniguider.
The thin OAG fits directly to the filter wheel front and adds only 13mm to the light path. Therefore you need to check that it fits within the camera-sensor-to-lens spacing requirement for your particular field flattener.
The 10x8mm prism illuminates a guide camera CCD, and the pick-off prism axis can be adjusted to choose a suitable guide star.
To use this OAG with the Altair M48 imaging adapter system you may need the M48 faceplate for the filter wheel. You need to choose whether the you need a male or female M48 thread. Please see the associated products. If you have a special adapter requirement, please get in touch.
(Please enquire for a filter wheel face plate allowing direct attachment to SX H18 and M26 cameras. This is not suitable for other SX series cameras, because focus cannot be achieved without the camera adaptor in place.)
Delivery time: May take 2-3 days to assemble and ship.

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Brand Starlight Xpress
Product Code SX-SXLFW-OAG
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