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Starwave 102 F11 Achromatic refractor

Starwave 102 F11 Achromatic refractor
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The classic long focal length Achromat we grew up with, with a modern twist. So if you're up for a nice, relaxed long focal length Achromat with a few modern enhancements, look no further. Available from Altair or your nearest authorised Altair Astro dealer

The longer tube gives the Starwave TM 102 F11 Achromat that classic look. Call it a retro revival if you will, but there's more to this design than meets the eye.

Recommended primarily for planetary, solar and lunar observation, the StarwaveTM 102 Achromat also offers a pleasant high-contrast view of deep sky objects too, and is a great all-rounder to get you into long focal length lunar and planetary observing.

For refractor fans who want a well-made classical Achromatic refractor but with modern optical coatings, a light weight portable tube, enough aperture for planetary details, and a smooth dual speed Crayford focuser, this is the one. 

What's more, the CNC machined tube construction, focuser, and lens optical quality is far superior to the cheap Achromats flooding the market these days. 
Demanding the best from our optical suppliers is what we are best known for, so each lens has been hand-figured in the final stages and a unique serial number is engraved on the lens cell. As part of the unique QC process, each lens is traceable back to the assembly technician and glass batch. These lenses star-test very well indeed as a result. In fact, the star-test for the Starwave 102mm F11 Acromatic refractors is much better than any other achromats we've sampled, even at twice the price, with some rave reviews by customers. Modern multicoatings on all four air to glass surfaces enhance the contrast even further. Even customers who have used Achromats for years are amazed at the image quality delivered by the Starwave 102mm F11. 
Depth of field at the slightly longer focal ratio of F11 helps this lens cut through the seeing, and there is almost no need to rack the focus in and out to "follow" the changes in focal point caused by changes in air density at high powers. This tolerance and easy focusing make the Starwave 102 F11 a nice planetary, lunar or daytime solar observing telescope whilst still keeping it relatively short and light compared to some older achromats. What's more, cooldown time is minimal.
Colour correction is better than the more common fast achromats on the market, and the field of view is remarkably flat in any eyepiece. Your eyepieces don't have to work too hard with this scope due to that long, relaxed focal length and relatively low amount of field curvature. 
Starwave Achromat Lens Serial Number

The 1120mm 'ish focal length gives you plenty of "oomph" magnification-wise, while the tube remains at a manageable length of 1 metre with dewshield retracted, and the weight is very low at only 4.6kg!

We've introduced a "Non-Slip" stainless steel friction plate on the underside of the focuser drawtube for even smoother action.

Starwave Achromat Non Slip Crayford Focuser

The Starwave TM 102 Achromat will easily work on your Skywatcher EQ3-2 mount, EQ5 (with slightly better dampening times), or if you're not interested in fiddling about with an equatorial in the dark, (and want something you can just plunk down and use in seconds), check out the rock-solid Altair Sabre TM Alt-Azimuth mount which is lighter, more stable, and a more portable option for field-use. Looks-wise, this fetching combination may even get you "conservatory", or even "lounge" planning consent!

So if you're up for a nice, relaxed long focal length Achromat with a few modern enhancements, look no further. Order your Starwave 102 Achromat here, or from your nearest authorised Altair Astro dealer, all of whom have a showroom. Delivery is £6 UK mainland.

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