Starwave 102ED-R FPL53 Refractor

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Product information

The Starwave 102 ED-R refractor has a doublet ED lens system with a premium FPL53 ED glass element, super-high transmission coating on all air-to-glass surfaces for higher contrast. A CNC machined* dual-speed "Rack 'n Pinion" focuser, lighter CNC tube rings, and improved dewshield / tube design make this a desirable upgrade from your average ED doublet refractor.
The focuser is CNC machined with a precision rack and pinion gear. It can be rotated smoothly on Teflon bearings. The focuser end-cap has a 2" self-centering pushfit adapter with stainless steel capstans for easy tightening. A 1.25-2" self-centering pushfit adapter with brass insert is included for use with 1.25" eyepieces in your diagonal mirror.
The tube is made from light weight aluminium alloy with CNC machined components, including the new lightweight CNC tube rings. A tough matte pearl powder coated tube and hard-anodised fittings give durability and great looks. An aluminium push-fit lens cap and 1.75" 44.45mm "Vixen-format" dovetail bar completes the package.
The Starwave 102 ED-R can be used for both visual observing and astro-photography with the optional 1x flattener or 0.8x focal reducer (Code RED102EDRM63).
Visual observing with the Starwave 102ED-R: With 63% more light grasp than an 80mm refractor, the Starwave 102ED gives a brighter and more detailed image. Jupiter's cloud belts show more detail such as ovals and barges at high power in steady air. More detail is visible in Saturn's ring system and the Cassini Division is a hard black line. Banding starts to become visible on the globe. The amount of lunar craters increases visibly. Add a high quality Altair Imaging-Ready Solar Wedge or Daystar Quark Hydrogen Alpha solar eyepiece and you have the perfect medium aperture solar observing system. The 714mm focal length brings smaller features into range with the Daystar Quark, enabling viewing of solar spicules for example. Solar prominences will show more structure thanks to the larger aperture. With the Altair Imaging-Ready Solar Wedge, the Starwave 102ED-R will reveal fine detail and structure of sunspots as well as the feathery structures around them. Deepsky objects become brighter against the background and it is possible to start resolving bright globular clusters into individual stars. Refractors always give deepsky or solar system objects much more contrast than reflecting telescopes, due to the lack of a central obstruction which is caused by the secondary mirror. The 102mm ED Doublet lens shows sharper star-images, and gives higher contrast views than reflectors of similar and even slightly larger size. 
2.5" CNC Focuser: The light weight dual speed CNC 2" Rack and Pinion Geared focuser gives a good balance between lifting power and stability for large eyepieces or cameras. The CNC machined focuser has a 2" rear accessory port with a collet-style 2" Self-Centring Adapter and stainless steel capstan wheel for easy grip when tighten it. A Self Centring 2"-1.25" adapter with compression ring and dust plug is also provided. Unlike cheaper cast metal focusers, the 2.5" Rack and Pinion CNC machined can be rotated entirely, relative to the optical tube on Teflon bearings. The CNC machined focuser holds alignment better during rotation, due to better machining tolerances, which is a desirable feature for both imaging and visual use. The focuser is compatible with most USB Motor Focuser systems.
Finder scopes: The optional Altair 60mm RACI (Right angle Correct Image) finder-scope or the Starwave RDF (Red Dot Finder) both have a quick release bracket which fits the focuser holes provided, and is left on the focuser, so you can keep it aligned for quick setup.

Auto Guiding: You can use the Altair MG60 Guide Scope with precision camera focuser for autoguiding with the Altair GPCAM guide cameras. This enables long exposure imaging with an equatorial mount and precise polar alignment with SharpCap PRO software.
Mounts: The Starwave 102 ED-R is portable enough for easy transport to a visual observing or astro-photography site. Most GOTO mounts which support 1.75" "Vixen/Synta-format " dovetails will fit the included dovetail bar directly. Contact us for a mount package.

Padded carry bag: Padded Telescope Bag product code BAG-61315 is suggested, which allows enough width for top and bottom dovetails or handle to be left on the scope.
Photography with the 0.8x Reducer/Flattener:
  • Reducer available separately under product code RED102EDRM63.
  • Reducer has 55mm ideal spacing from the rearmost surface excluding threads, to the camera sensor. Please read this article to select the right adaptors for use with filter holders and cameras.
  • Reducer has an M63 front thread to connect directly to the telescope focuser.
  • The 2" push-fit adaptor is removed from the telescope focuser first, revealing the female M63 thread to accept the reducer.
  • CCD cameras: The back-focus distance from the flattener flat shoulder is 67.79mm excluding threads. The rear thread is T-Thread male or M42x0.75 so you will need appropriate spacers.
  • DSLR cameras: The Reducer Flattener connects to a DSLR with the M48 DSLR adapter.
Dew control: The retractable dew-shield delays the onset of dew and protects the optics from dust and stray light, however for extended observing, we recommend the Pegasus or Kendrick Dew Controllers and the 5/6" DewZapper Dew Heater (product code: DEWH-34) which can be wrapped around the based of the dew-shield to keep your optics completely dew-free.
Starwave 102ED-R Specifications & Features:
  • Optical tube with air-spaced 102mm F7 Doublet ED lens system (714mm focal length)
  • FPL53 ED glass element and mating element housed in a precision adjustable CNC machined lens cell with temperature compensation interleaving.
  • Super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all air to glass surfaces.
  • Resolving Power (Dawes Limit) 1.45 arc seconds
  • Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.2 maximum
  • Weight approx. 4kg, OTA length with dewshield retracted, 68cm.
  • Precision CNC machined components and tube made from light, tough aluminium alloy with matte powder coat and hard anodising.
  • Retractable lens shade / dew shield.
  • 2.5" "Rack 'n Pinion" Geared dual speed focuser with 1:10 micro-focuser.
  • Entire focuser rotates relative to the optical tube for easy photographic composition. 
  • Teflon tension-adjustment screws and Teflon collet ensure focuser rotates smoothly.
  • Self-Centering 2" to 1.25" reducer with brass compression rings included.
  • Front aluminium push-fit lens cap, rear plastic 1.25" dust plug.
  • Standard 1.75" dovetail bar  with stainless steel M6 cap-head screws included.
  • CNC Tube Rings with M6 threaded holes with 30mm spacing, compatible with Altair and most other mounting dovetail plates and bars.

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