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Starwave 102ED Refractor Telescope with 3" Crayford Focuser

Starwave 102ED Refractor Telescope with 3" Crayford Focuser
Starwave 102 ED refractor transport case Starwave 102 ED Refractor Telescope review
Price: £599.00
Incl. VAT 20% ( £99.83 )
0.8X Reducer for astro imaging
Product code: SWED102-OTA
Qty Out of stock
The Starwave TM 102 ED refractor sports hand crafted ED optics producing a well colour-corrected image at 715mm focal length. It is the ideal refractor for those who want to enjoy visual observing and astrophotgraphy in one capable unit.
Visual observing: The solar system objects are not only all within easy reach of this 102mm optical system, but will display good detail when viewed through the Starwave TM 102 ED optics. Cloud belts on Jupiter are easily visible, as are thousands of craters on the Moon, and even the Cassini division in the rings of Saturn can be seen as a thin dark line. Brighter deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, Ring Nebula and Hercules globular cluster are all well within reach of this 102mm optical system. 
Imaging: With the optional Altair PlanoStar 2" 0.8x Reducer / Flattener for Starwave 102ED & 110ED refractors (Code: PLANOS-2-0.8-102-110-M48), the focal ratio changes from F7 to F5.6, resulting in shorter exposure times, and a larger field of view. The 3" focuser visual back can be removed, allowing a direct threaded connection between focuser and reducer to eliminate any flex for sharper images. For imaging with a DSLR, choose the Planostar 0.8x reducer with M48 DSLR adapter: (Code: PLANOS-2-0.8-102-110-M48-EOS-KIT).
The over-engineered 3.0" rotating dual speed Crayford focuser can handle extra-heavy loads, and features a non-slip stainless steel bearing plate with full tension adjustment. The aluminium alloy optical tube achieves thermal equilibrium quickly, minimising the formation of tube currents and permitting efficient use of dew control equipment.
Tube rings are provided with standard hole patterns to fit most hardware mounting systems on the market, and are fully compatible with Starwave TM dovetail plates and clamps.
Suggested accessories for The Starwave TM 102 ED refractor:
- Starwave 50mm Finder Scope or Starwave RDF Red Dot Finder
- Starwave 0.8x Reducer for 102 ED
- 2" Dielectric Diagonal
- iOptron ZEQ25-GT or iEQ30 mount (for imaging / visual observing)
- Altair Sabre Alt Azimuth Mount (for "grab 'n go" visual observing)
- Eyepieces and Barlow lenses
Starwave TM ED102 Features:
  • Large 3" Crayford focuser with removable rear visual back to fit Planostar field flatteners and reducers.
  • 102mm F7 ED Optics (715mm focal length)
  • Highest practical magnification 200x, light grasp 212x human eye
  • 62% more light grasp than the Starwave TM 80mm ED
  • 58cm length, approx. weight 3.9kg
  • 1:10 ratio dual speed focuser with direct fit for optional 0.8x reducer/field flattener
  • Optional 0.8x reducer gives a focal ratio of F5.6 for imaging
  • 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter with brass compression ring
  • Tube rings with standard M6 30mm hole pattern (enabling the telescope to be balanced more easily for imaging, or dual-mounted as a guide scope).
  • Standard Vixen-format dovetail bar
  • Protective transport case with foam padding
Click here to read the Sky at Night Magazine Starwave 102 ED refractor review (new window)

Sky at Night Magazine Starwave 102 ED refractor review

Altair staff comments: "As a portable medium field astro imaging refractor, the Starwave 102ED optical design has become the standard for those wanting a dual imaging and visual capable ED doublet telescope in one unit. With the optional 0.8x reducer fitting direct to the focuser, a very rigid connection is maintained for sharper exposures. The Starwave 102ED can produce wonderful images or views with a very flat field, at a very good price point. Colour correction is good (slightly better in the Hydrogen Alpha regions of the spektrum than the blue regions) and contrast is high, enabling faint and subtle details to be observed visually and in images. The optical tube assembly is light and portable, enabling it to be used with entry level and advanced mounts alike. We classify this telescope as a "Semi-APO", and it significantly outperforms an achromat refractor of equivalent focal length at an incredible price. With a Contrast Booster filter to remove residual chromatic aberration, it will compare favourably with a triplet APO on the moon and planets. With 4" of aperture and the contrast levels refractors are known for this is a true multi-purpose telescope you can enjoy for many years. It is one of our best selling ED doublets of all time. "

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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: G Dunn
    Just got mine after 3 months on the notify list. Delivery was quick and I've not had a chance to use it yet but I can tell it's a well-made telescope. The focuser is huuge on this thing and very smooth too - this is one of the reasons it was recommended to me to start off taking astro photos. Compared to several other telescopes costing the same amount I'd have to say this is in a completely different league and I'm pleasantly surprised. One thing to mention - I was surprised to discover my unit has 3x silver rings on the tube from the focuser forward, instead of black like in the photos. Actually it looks better than the current photos in my opinion, but just so other buyers are aware. I've suggested the image is changed and they tell me it will be done shortly. To sum it up this is a well made product and well worth it.
  • Author: G De Campo
    Reccomend for the planets sun and moon using my starwave in London I have had very good views. I think the focuser is very big but I like this. I used the 5mm Televue eye piece with very good result. Recommend it for any general astronomy.
  • Author: S Wakefield
    Having recently retired, and my interest in astronomy rekindled, I decided to treat myself to a "modern" telescope.

    Aside from being quite nice looking on the outside, I naturally wanted a performer, and in that respect I'm quite satisfied. The review is entirely correct.

    On my first outing, this telescope delivered wonderful sharp images of stars in the Pleiades, and even the surrounding reflection nebula is visible (from my cottage in dark Cornwall yet with ageing eyes) which I have never seen in my older 5" Newtonian.

    Since then I've had more time to get to know this instrument. The 102mm version performs admirably on the moon and planets with good sharpness. I have a collection of older Plossls, and some wide eyepieces and this telescope delivers a much more enjoyable image than my older Newtonian without the need for maintenance.

    An expensive indulgence according to my wife, but just what I wanted, and I can recommend it without hesitation.
  • Author: t plumbridge
    This is actually my second scope from Altair, my first being their 70 mm in this range bought about a year ago. I spoke with Nick on Tuesday afternoon who kindly spent half an hour with me on the phone before we jointly decided on "the scope I would be most satisfied with for the money". Everyone I've spoken to at Altair really knows their subject. I shall just say this was quite different to other experiences with other vendors. Having called others, I've invariably had advice which is focused on closing the sale, and they seemed to recommend whatever they had in stock at the time. When it came to experience I could tell the fellow I spoke with hadn't used the product (a slightly larger aperture Maksutov reflector) at all and seemed obsessed with the magnification I could attain rather than the quality of the image. Not so with Altair Astro. Instead of a sales pitch, I had an accurate enthusiastic description of the product, with a subjective comparison of image quality, and a detailed explanation about the comparative surface area of the lens in the Maksutov minus it's centre-mirror, and the surface area of the refractor by comparison. I also had a detailed explanation of what additional accessories I required for astro-photography, and this finalised my decision in favour of the refractor. I confidently ordered on the website that evening, and the scope arrived on Thursday morning. The fit an finish is just as good as the 70mm which now sits atop my new new telescope acting as a wide field finder for deep sky objects. I've since tried it twice. Once during the daytime, which allowed me to see incredible details in foliage hundreds of feet away, and luckily during a rather clear spell on Jupiter. The 102mm really delivers, and I could definitely see some details in the cloud belts on Jupiter just as promised, as well as the attendant moons. I even received a follow up email asking if the scope had arrived safely, and if I needed any more advice using it. This is my second good purchase from a reputable and customer focused company and so I'm happy to write this complementary review. Keep it up! Thanks!

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