Starwave 110mm Guide Scope Rings with 2x Mini Losmandy Dovetail Clamp

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Product information

Use these 2x 110mm Guide Scope Rings and 2x mini Losmandy dovetail clamps to attach your guide scope to any inverted Losmandy dovetail plate. This is the perfect way to mount your guide scope piggyback style on top of your Altair RC or Refractor.

You can easily loosen the clamps and adjust the spacing between rings. The guide scope can easily be positioned and moved back and forth for the best balance.

Includes 2x 110mm guide scope rings, 2x clamps, each with 2x stainless steel M6 cap head set-screws for attachment to any Starwave or Altair TMS guide scope rings.

The two stainless steel M6 screws per ring and a flat base for best contact with the dovetail bar eliminate twisting or differential flex, which improves guiding accuracy. All-metal thumbscrews to eliminate flex.

The guide scope rings are machined from strong 10mm thick aluminium, and are very rigid. 
Maximum compatible guidescope or finder tube diameter is 98mm.

Made from CNC machined aluminium, matte black coated for great looks and high durability. 

What's the benefit of this clamp design? 
There is no possibility of "lateral twisting" with this 2-screw attachment method. Differential flex is therefore not an issue - unlike with cheaper rings. Two steel guide-pins are installed on each clamp, with one on each side of the main clamping thread. This maintains clamping strength and rigidity. This makes the mini-Losmandy dovetail clamp perform just like a small precision vice, without causing Differential flex like with cheaper clamps and rings.

What are the recommended uses? 
To mount your Altair 60mm or 80mm miniguider on an inverted Losmandy plate, "piggyback-style" on top of your telescope for auto-guiding - for example the Altair RC Astrograph range or any refractor with Losmandy dovetail plate mounted inverted on top.

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