Starwave 200mm Vixen Style Dovetail Bar 44.5mm width

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Product information

The Starwave Vixen-format dovetail bar allows easy attachment of your telescope tube rings at various positions along it's length.

  • 3x 35mm length centre slotted holes, which are counterbored to M6 screw size, to fit most telescopes on the market.
  • The dovetail bar is 15mm thick made from aluminium alloy and hard-coated in matt-black.
  • Please note, width is 1.75" / 44.45mm - be sure to check your existing dovetail clamp is compatible, or buy a Starwave one. 
  • 4x pairs of counterbored M6 holes are spaced along it's length (8x holes in total), enabling the attachment of:
  • Starwave 110mm Guide Scope Rings (code: SW-GSR-110) and coming soon.
  • Starwave Mini-Vixen Dovetail Clamp (code: SW-MINI-VIX-CLAMP) to either end using M6 screws with corresponding M6 locking nuts.
  • Altair 60mm Miniguider (code: MINI-GUIDER-60) can be attached to either end, using the guide scope rings from the Altair Miniguider 60, by means of 2x M5 screws with corresponding M5 locking nuts and washers.
Please see detailed images for detailed dimensions.

About this product, use scenarios, and why you might consider buying it:

A very high speed CNC machining process allows us to mass-produce this product at a very competitive price, while retaining many hole positions for versatility. Naturally the finish isn't as pretty and perfect as the premium Altair TMS range, but this product is a very cost-effective upgrade to replace the cheap cast "Vixen/Synta-style" dovetail bars packaged with many Newtonian telescopes.

In fact, unlike most cheap cast dovetail bars sold with many telescopes, the Starwave dovetail bar offers more strength and more versatility, plus the ability to slide the dovetail back and for for easier balancing. This is due to the smooth sides (many cheap cast dovetail bars have irregular edges, making it impossible to balance your Newtonian without loosening the tube rings every time).  It also offers more rigidity than the simple extruded aluminium dovetail bars offered with most telescopes - which are fine to get you started visually, but often not rigid enough for imaging.

The Starwave Dovetail Bar is an alternative to some imported Western hardware systems - offering more mounting points at a cheaper price. Perhaps that aditional work isn't "absorbed" via shipping costs, import duties and taxes! 

The Starwave Dovetail Bar is ideal for basic wide field imaging setups with refractors and a mini-autoguider side-by-side. Just mount the Altair Astro 60mm finder/guider rings sideways using 2x M5 screws with 2x locking nuts, and add a Starwave Vixen dovetail clamp to the other side to carry your refractor, for a compact wide field autoguiding setup.

The Starwave Dovetail Bar can be used as a base for a larger 80mm guide-scope, mounted using the compatible Starwave 110mm Guide Scope Rings, which can be positioned along the length of the bar using the pairs of M6 holes with 24mm centre-to-centre spacing (see diagrams).

Solar scope dovetail bar too short? This is a nice upgrade to the short and rather basic dovetail bars offered with most solar telescopes - allowing more length for better balancing with binoviewers, premium eyepieces, and so-on. 


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Product Code SW-MINI-VBAR-200
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