Starwave 50mm Guide Scope & GPCAM Mono Guide Camera COMBO

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Product information

This kit enables you to autoguide with the extremely sensitive Altair GPCAM and the Starwave 50mm Guide Scope. It is small compact and light enough for travel to remote locations and will guide up to around 500 focal length scopes or even longer in the right hands.
There are many autoguiding kits out there, but nothing we know of with such a sensitive camera and such a light weight high quality guide scope with all-metal mounting. In fact, there are no plastic parts in this kit for good reason.
This combo includes two kits!
Guide Camera Kit:
  • The Altair GPCAM Mono Guide Camera kit, which includes:
  • Altair GPCAM MT9M034M MONO Guide Camera with ST4 Port
  • Clear & UV IR Blocking Optical windows (switchable)
  • 1.25" Nosepiece/Barrel with 1.25" Filter thread on front
  • 5mm C-Lens adapter
  • ST4 Cable
  • USB Cable
  • The GPCAM Meteor LENS is not included but can be ordered separately.
NOTE: GPCAM Camera is compatible with Windows PCs only. Software and drivers are not included in the box and must be downloaded and installed before operating the camera from
Guide Scope Kit:
  • The Starwave 50mm Guide Scope kit, which includes:
  • 50mm F4 Optical Tube with 1.25" non-rotating Micro focuser (with locking thumbscrew)
  • Adjustable rings with Nylon Tipped thumbscrews
  • Metal Finder Stalk
  • Universal Finder Scope Base Code: UNIFBR 
50mm Optical tube focal length is 206.6mm (F4.1)  which is perfect for autoguiding a small refractor with GPCAM Camera.
The focuser has a 1.25" ID push-fit adapter with brass compression ring, allowing use of auto-guiding cameras or 1.25"  eyepieces.
The indexed micro-focuser can be locked, enabling the eyepiece or camera to set at the correct focus-point.
Because the focuser does not rotate, the guide camera is easier to focus and maintain alignment on-target.
The rear of the focuser also includes a T2 thread to allow the addition of extensions. 
The finder stalk is compatible with most finder scope brackets on the market like Skywatcher, Celestron, Altair Astro, but also includes a universal finder bracket (product code UNIFBR), with a cross-slotted hole pattern to fit most telescopes.
Optional accessories:
Convert into a finder scope with the Altair 1.25" Illuminated Reticule Eyepiece (product code: 125-EP23-IR)
Altair staff comments: 
Caveat Emptor - cheap "guidescope" packages: We recently became aware of cheap guidescope packages on the market. This kit is lighter and better than the cheap large 80mm visual achromat telescopes with wobbly rack and pinion focusers, which are often repurposed as guide scopes and sold as "guide scope packages". This is because you are required to fully extend the focuser to get it to focus with your camera without a diagonal and of course the focuser is very wobbly even partially extended. We feel the mechanics on these scopes are barely acceptable enough for wide field visual observing, let alone adequate enough for auto-guiding. The Starwave package is also better than the re-purposed 50mm finder scopes with the plastic screws (seriously?), the rubber o-ring at the front and the single "springy screw" at the back. These finder scopes are barely able to stay pointed in one direction, let along capable of guiding. Please don't be fooled by inferior products.

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