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Starwave ASCENT 70ED v2 Travel Refractor - KIT

Starwave ASCENT 70ED v2 Travel Refractor - KIT
Orion Nebula Starwave 70ED Nikon D3100 by Rob Willdrige White light solar image Starwave 70ED Canon 550D by Rob Willdrige Kite Surfing Image Starwave 70ED reduced 30% Starwave 70ED refractor airline portable case
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(Call for a package deal with mount).

Featuring Genuine ED optics, the travel-friendly Starwave 70mm F6 ED Doublet refractor can be taken anywhere.
The optical tube folds down to just under 30cm length with the dewshield retracted, and weighs about 2kg.
The Starwave 70ED is capable of both visual observation and wide-field imaging in a single telescope.
The included accessories are high quality items, designed to do the Starwave 70 ED optics and build quality justice.

Reasons to buy the Starwave 70ED over cheaper "ED" optical tubes in the 70-72mm size range or cheap reflectors:

  • Retractable dew shield (not fixed or removable) for compact transport and quick setup.
  • All metal. No plastic parts, anywhere in this product.
  • NEW Quality Rack and Pinion Geared focuser all metal with 1:10 ration microfocus knob.
  • Focuser has 3 thumbscrews for astro photography (NEW) and a brass compression ring so your diagonal barrels aren't marred.
  • Focuser rotates independently for framing.
  • Flat field fast focal ratio F5.6 imaging with the optional 0.8x field flattener/reducer.
  • Very good photographic performance with better colour correction an Bokeh than some ED lenses costing a lot more.
  • You won't find anything like these quality accessories in other packages - they would have to be bought separately.
  • Quality 17mm flat field eyepiece with large rear lens for easy eye placement and comfortable viewing. 
  • Adjustable lens cell tuned at factory and guaranteed to arrive in collimation, giving razor sharp views.
  • High quality all-metal Red Dot Finder (RDF) with adjustable brightness (not the cheap plastic ones which fall apart and lose alignment).
  • High quality ultra-durable star-diagonal mirror with 99% reflective dielectric coatings.

In the box:

  • Starwave 70mm F6 ED Doublet optical tube with retractable dewshield.
  • 2" Dual Speed Rack and Pinion Geared focuser, 3x thumbscrews and brass compression ring for holding heavy accessories.
  • RDF finder with variable brightness, metal body and mounting stalk, plus quick release finder bracket.
  • 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal with 99% reflective coatings.
  • Wide field 17mm Eyepiece giving 25x magnification, with 65° Field of View (FOV), 16mm Eye Relief, 1.25" barrel and dust caps .
  • 2"-1.25" Push-Fit Adapter with brass compression ring.
  • Front Aluminium dust cap, and rear plastic dust cap.
  • Metal mounting ring (rotatable) and dovetail base with standard 1/4-20" threaded "photo tripod format" holes, so you can use the scope with a camera tripod or attach it to the Starwave 200mm Vixen-format dovetail bar.
  • Carry case with strap, padded foam inserts, and space for accessories. * (FREE item - see note at bottom of page)
  • Dust cloth for eyepiece and RDF, two allen keys for adjustment of the RDF reticule and for mounting it to the metal finder stalk.
Beginner? Why not start out with quality equipment? This is the perfect scope to get you and your friends familiar with the night-sky, or started in astro-photography. Unlike most starter-telescopes, both optical and mechanical quality are very good. We don't sacrifice one for the other. Altair's philosophy is not to start with low quality equipment, but to include high quality accessories an optics in a beginner telescope at a good price to make using the product an enjoyable. experience The Starwave 70 ED is an ideal beginner's choice for wide-field imaging with your DSLR or compact camera. The Starwave 70 ED is a lot easier to use than a Newtonian reflector, due to it's small size and light weight, and because the optics do not require frequent collimation (alignment). For visual observing, you don't even need an astronomical mount right away - the Starwave 70ED will fit a camera tripod to get you started with wide field observation of the night sky right out of the box.

The advantage of ED optics for Astronomical visual observation: When compared to small Achromatic refractors of similar size, length and focal ratio, the Starwave 70 ED offers better mechanics for easier focusing, and truer colour rendition due to the ED optics. The Starwave 70 ED delivers a sharp "contrasty" image with good colour correction and tight star images. The 70mm aperture gathers about 100 times more light than the human eye, and in a dark-sky location, observation of star clouds and larger more extended objects is most enjoyable. With a higher power eyepiece or Barlow lens, this telescope will show plenty of detail on the moon, and it will show the planetary disc of Jupiter, with the major cloud bands visible across the disc, as well as the four largest Galilean moons and their movements from hour-to-hour. Saturn's rings are visible as distinct from the planet at high powers as is the Cassini Division when the skies permit - a good test of any small refractor. 

A daytime land-based spotting scope: By adding an optional 1.25" Lightwave Premium Correct Image Diagonal, (code: LW-125-45-DIAG) which turns the image upright for land-based viewing, the Starwave 70 ED becomes a real performer when it comes to daytime spotting and nautical observation, offering performance in the same category as ED spotting scopes costing many times the price as well as the possibility of higher powers with astro eyepieces. Simply increase the brightness on the Red Dot Finder and you can align the scope with pinpoint accuracy during daytime.

Mount choices: Due to it's compact size, this is an ideal telescope to use with small mounts: The Skywatcher Star Adventurer, iOptron Sky Guider, iOptron Cube PRO, or the iOptron Smart EQ PRO GOTO mounts. If you don't want to bother with 12volt power in the field, and enjoy just sweeping around the sky or land, the Altair Mini-AZ mount is the ideal choice for the Starwave 70ED. By the way, you don't even have to buy an astronomical mount right off to enjoy the heavens, because the Starwave 70 ED fits directly to a standard photo tripod out of the box, having two Standard 1/4 thread photo tripod holes underneath the dovetail base. 

Astro imaging or terrestrial photography with the Starwave 70ED: A smooth and rotatable dual speed "non-slip" Rack and Pinion focuser is supplied, with tension adjustment, able to carry a full weight DSLR or CMOS camera such as the Altair Hypercam PRO series. The Rack and Pinion gear eliminates slippage and increases the focuser's carrying capacity to about 3.5KG, which is more than enough for a DSLR or Astro camera and filter-wheel. The ED Doublet lens system features a special ED glass element, which results in less colour aberrations in the final image. The optics are compatible with the Starwave field flattener and reducer range, in particular the Starwwave 0.8x Field Flattener. (Product codes SW70ED-08XR-NDSLR for Nikon cameras or SW70ED-08XR-CDSLR for Canon EOS). The machined aluminium tube transmits heat to the optics, which benefits users of dew control systems. The Starwave 70ED is the ideal weight for use with the popular "super portable" mounts and tracking devices for imaging.

Finder scopes and auto-guiding: The Altair MG32 Mini Finder Scope and GPCAM Guide Camera system (codes: AAMG32-QRB-KIT and AAMG32-QRB-GP130M) attach directly to the focuser using the included Universal Finder Bracket (code: UNIFBR), enabling auto-guiding and easy guide-star selection, in a compact light weight package for travel anywhere.

Feature summary:

  • The light yet tough optical tube folds down to 30cm in length and weighs about 2kg, sporting a retractable dew shield.
  • ED optics offer improved colour correction, which produces a higher contrast image, whilst allowing a short, portable telescope tube.
  • The eyepiece, diagonal and RDF finder accessory package is of high quality, justifying the high quality optical tube.
  • The dual speed rotatable focuser has a steel bearing plate on the base, and is easily able to carry a DSLR or medium size CCD camera without slipping when the focuser tension is adjusted to suit. Fine focus is easy to achieve with the dual speed 1:10 ratio thumbwheel.
  • The SW70ED telescope can be mounted on a photo tripod with standard 1/4" thread and for attachment to other scopes or imaging systems, it can be attached to a longer dovetail bar with two commonly available 1/4" tripod thread screws.

Specifications and accessories:

  • 70mm F6 ED Doublet (420mm focal length)
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • OTA Weight: Approx. 2kg
  • OTA folded length: 30cm
  • RDF finder multi-reticule, variable brightness with metal body and mounting stalk.
  • 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal 99% reflective.
  • Wide field 17mm Eyepiece with 65° APOV, 16mm Eye Relief, 1.25" barrel and dust caps giving 25x magnification.
  • Case Dimensions: 28x39x15cm  (*see note at bottom of page)
  • Rotatable dual speed focuser (1:10 ratio)
  • Focuser tension is adjustable to carry higher loads with a steel "non-slip" focuser guide plate
  • Retractable dewshield, 92mm OD
  • 2" visual back with 3x thumb-screws and brass compression ring
  • 1.25"-2" Pushfit adapter with brass compression ring
  • 2x Standard  "1/4 Thread" Photo Tripod Screw-holes are provided in the base mounting platform
  • 2" rear visual back with 3x thumbscrews and non-marring brass compression ring.
  • Front metal and rear plastic dust caps.


The magnification of a telescope is determined by dividing the telescope focal length in mm by the eyepiece focal length in mm. For example 420mm telescope focal length divided by 17mm = 25x magnification.

Here's a handy table with Altair eyepiece focal lengths, and the magnifications they create with this telescope:

Eyepiece focal length: 7mm 9mm 13mm 14.5mm 15mm 17mm 18mm 20mm
Magnification: 60x 47x 34x 29x 28x 25x 23x 21x

Reviews & Communities: 

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Please note: The case is sold as "packaging only" and is provided with this telescope to protect it during shipping. The product guarantee does not extend to damage of the case during shipping, nor failure of the case, catches, zips, foam, or other fittings, and you are not being charged for the case when buying a telescope. If the case has absorbed damage, it is considered to have fulfilled it's function to protect the contents (which are of course guaranteed to arrive undamaged).
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Elise Moore
    This is a very well made product which even met retired engineer Grandads approval. We've actually all used it. The sales guy suggested this as a family telescope and it's done the trick. Tip: Buy the phone camera adapter to entice the youngsters outside in the cold.
  • Author: Dennis Javier
    This is very good small telescope which really delivers a detailed image. Friendly advice from the sales guy Ian too who was very helpful. Like the gateway drug to astronomy go for it!
  • Author: Thom paterson
    I bought this as "second fiddle" to my larger 8" Dobsonian Newtonian. I have to say I've used it more which says a lot. I use the supplied eyepiece on my larger scope as well as the finder when I can be bothered to get it out which says a lot. In all a very much recommended purchase.
  • Author: H Warren
    I agree with the previous reviewer. All the accessories are top quality, not the "disposable" junk eyepieces and stuff you get even with larger more expensive telescopes. The optics are very good and this scope does a lot more than my first 90mm achromat which came on a wobbly mount and was almost impossible to focus sharply. Sometimes smaller is better. Rare but true.
  • Author: Pete Newsome
    I'm using this scope for my first attempts at astro photography with the flattener. It's sharper and delivers a better field correction than my high end camera lens. Much easier to focus too. The automated focuser option is recommended. I will probably move to a larger scope in the future but will hanfg on to this for wide shots. Good spec for little money. Slight mishap with delivery because the courier decided they couldn't find me despite driving past several times, but resolved swiftly - the manager actually got the courier on the phone and sent updated instructions same day. Top service.
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