Starwave 80ED-R ED Doublet Refractor Telescope

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The Starwave 80ED-R is a more compact and refined version of the orginal Starwave 80ED. It has improved optics in the form of an S-FPL53 based doublet objective lens providing superior colour correction, and a lighter more compact tube with a "Rack and Pinion" geared focuser.

For visual observing accessories: Check out Altair Product code "VISKIT1" with everything you need to get started observing the heavens, including quality eyepiece, diagonal and finder.

The now standard 2.5" Rack 'n Pinion focuser has full tension-adjustment to handle heavy loads, like a large eyepiece, CCD or DSLR camera.
The ED Doublet design offers very good colour correction while keeping the optical tube compact enough for transport compared to an Achromat refractor. The new S-FPL53 ED Doublet lens gives better colour correction in the blue regions of the spectrum. Optical smoothness, figuring and overall performance is very consistent and every lens has a unique serial number linked to the glass batch and optician in charge of the lens production. At F7 this telescope provides the best of both worlds for visual or imaging use, and the field is flat enough not to be distracting with wide field eyepieces or medium size camera sensors. A dedicated 0.8x focal reducer / field flattener is also available, for a faster F5.6 focal ratio. Optimum spacing is 63mm from the centre of the rear lens to the sensor surface with the Planostar V3 0.8x reducer. The Starwave 80ED-R is featured on AstroBackyard's top 5 imaging telescopes.
As with most refractors, a brighter, higher contrast image is delivered at the eyepiece compared to a reflecting telescope of the same aperture, because there is no secondary mirror central obstruction. 
When it comes to astro imaging, the Starwave 80ED optical design has all the performance you need in a dual imaging and visual telescope, offering better colour correction than an achromatic telescope with the same focal length.
Tube rings have the standard M6 hole pattern to fit most hardware mounting systems on the market including the Altair Starwave and TMS ranges. A Vixen-style dovetail bar is included. 
You will need a mount, eyepieces and a star-diagonal to use this high quality telescope. 
A finder scope or RDF (Red Dot Finder) is a very good addition, making finding objects quick and easy. If you want a more accurate optical finder, we recommend the Altair 60mm RACI or Starwave 50mm Straight-through finder scopes, which can both be used for an auto-guiding with the Altair GPCAM for long exposure imaging.
The aluminium tube achieves thermal equilibrium very quickly, and the metal construction conducts heat easily to the front optics (essential for imaging).

  • 80mm F7 ED Doublet with S-FPL53 ED Glass lens (555mm focal length).
  • Dual Speed 1:10 ratio 2.5" Rack 'n Pinion (Geared) Focuser with brass rack gear and tension adjustment (ideal for imaging).
  • Improved retractable dew shield with a tighter fitting than the V1 (tension adjustable with 3 nylon tipped grub screws).
  • 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter with brass compression rings.
  • 2x Tube rings with standard M6 30mm hole pattern (enabling the telescope to be balanced more easily for imaging, or dual-mounted as a guide scope).
  • Standard "Vixen-format" dovetail bar.
  • Push-fit lens cap and rear 1.25" dust plug.
Suggested accessories:
  • iOptron CEM25 Mount (for visual or imaging).
  • iOptron Minitower Mount (for visual nighttime and solar observing).
  • - 3/4" Dew Heater.
  • 2" Dielectric Diagonal.
  • Eyepieces.
  • RDF finder / 60mm / 50mm optical finder scope.
  • 0.8x Planostar V3 Reducer for Starwave 80ED, gives a focal ratio of F5.6 for imaging. Optimum spacing is 63mm from the centre of the rear lens to the sensor surface.
  • M48 DSLR adapter for Canon or Nikon.
  • Pegasus USB Stepper Motor Focuser module to fit focuser.
  • 80mm FPL53 ED Doublet Lens assembly, 555mm focal length, housed in a fully collimatable, CNC machined cell.
  • Highest practical magnification 150x, light grasp approx. 131x human eye.
  • 43cm length, dewshield retracted.
  • Approx. weight 2.95kg (without optional finder).

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