TS-Optics 360° Rotation and Quick Changer - M48x0,75 - short

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TS M48x0,75 2" filterthread 360° rotation and quick changer with maximum fitting accuracy and short construction length.

Connection thread telescope side: M648x0,75 (female) - length 5 mm

Connection thread camera side: M48x0,75 (male) - length 4 mm

Optical path: only 8.5 mm

You can detach the camera within seconds without inconvenient threading.

Position the nebula or the galaxy to the camera sensor by simply turning the adapter.

TS-Optics M48 Rotation and Quick Changer with only 8.5 mm length

This M48 adapter is a true problem solver from Teleskop Service for all astrophotographers who work with the professional M68x1 ZEISS style thread system. The adapter provides a quick changer and a 360° rotation at minimal length. Slip-proof knurled head screws allows handling even with gloves.

The rotation adapter consists of two parts. The inner, conically tapered adapter establishes connection to the telescope. The outer adapter holds the connection adapter with three screws and establishes the connection to the camera.

The advantages of the TSM48ROT adapter:

Only 8.5 mm optical path - ideal for short adaptions
Perfecte centering - the inner adapter ring is always in the middle - by clamping, it automatically tightens itself.
Due to the generously dimensioned wall strengths and long threads, even heavy accessories can be safely attached.

The application fields of the TSM48ROT adapter:

 Quick changer: ... you can detach the camera within seconds, for example for removing dust from the sensor. Unscrewing is prevented, the cables cannot tangle up.
 360° rotation: ... you can turn the camera by 360°, thus attaining an optimal placement of the object on the camera sensor.
 Improved search for a guiding star when using an off-axis guider: ... if you insert the TSROTM48 in front of the off-axis guider, you can rotate the guider and have a larger field for finding a bright guide star at your disposal.

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