TS-Optics 61EDPH - 6-Element Flatfield Apo 61 mm Aperture F/4.5

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Product information

A 6-element apochromat 61EDPH II with 61 mm aperture and 274 mm focal length. The triplet lens has an F-Ratio of F5.5, and in combination with the built-in corrector, a final F-Ratio is f/4.5.

  • Aperture: 61 mm
  • Focal length: 274 mm
  • Included reducer for fast F-ratio f4.5 for short exposure times
  • 6-element system with color-free triplet FPL53 objective lens and 3-element corrector
  • 2.5" RAP dual-speed focuser with 360° rotation holds even heavy cameras
  • CNC tube ring with universal dovetail bar with photo tripod connection and carrying handle included
  • Viewfinder shoe for viewfinders and mini telescopes is integrated at the CNC ring.
  • Retractable dew cap
  • Simple camera rear adaptor with male M48 connection thread for total sensor distance of 55 mm

TS-Optics 61EDPH II 6-Element FPL53 Flatfield-Apochromat
The TS-Optics 61EDPH is designed for astrophotographers and nature photographers. It convinces with its compact dimensions and its high-quality 3-element FPL53 lens (glass from Ohara - Japan). The 3-element corrector produces a flat field with good colour correction. The fast aperture ratio of f/4.5 allows short exposure times. The 61EDPH is a fast and portable travel apo for astrophotography.

Important: The corrector is inserted in the focuser so that the long section is inserted into the drawtube and the short one projects outwards, towards the camera.

Connecting cameras:
An M48x0.75 thread is available on the back of the sturdy 2.5" focuser. The working distance from this thread to the camera sensor is 55 mm. This is ideal for all astro cameras and DSLR / SLR cameras. Matching T-rings can be found in the accessories section.

Attaching the TS 61EDPH to mounts
The CNC tube ring has a GP/EQ5 style level dovetail bar at the base. You can attach the telescope to the appropriate quick couplings of mounts and travel mounts such as the Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Matching saddle plates can be found in the accessories section. In addition, the dovetail also has a 1/4" photo thread. The apo fits, like a telephoto lens, directly on every photo tripod.

The carrying handle is a real multifunctional part
The handle not only facilitates the mounting on the photo tripod, it is also the base for further adaptions. The handle has a long hole and a 1/4" photo thread. For example, you can mount a ball head on it and mount a second camera in parallel. Next to the grab handle there is a viewfinder shoe for finder scopes, mini telescopes or sighting devices.

Observation with the TS61EDPH
Although the apochromat was developed for astrophotography, it also allows observation. You have the following choices. Unscrew the photo corrector. You have an M63x1 female thread available. An M48x0.75 external thread is accessible with the corrector. A push-in connection via receptacle is also possible, you can use both 2" and 1.25" accessories. Star diagonal mirrors or prisms can also be connected via this connection for nature, landscape and astro observation.

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