TS-Optics 70 mm f/5 Quadruplet Flatfield Apo with 3-Element FPL53 Objective

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The TS-Optics 70 mm f/5 Flatfield Apo Refractor

The TS 70 mm quadruplet is an ideal traveling telescope for astrophotography. The apochromat offers a fully illuminated and corrected field of 45 mm diameter, so it is also suitable for cameras with full frame sensors. The FPL53 triplet objective corrects the chromatic aberration. The image is free of chromatic aberration on axis and in the field.

Camera connection to the apo

On the camera side, the apo offers an M48x0.75 external thread. From this thread you have between 40 mm and 70 mm distance to the focal plane, depending on the position of the draw tube. So you have enough space for all common astrocameras, SLR and system cameras. If you unscrew the M48 adapter, you will get a M54x0.75 female thread. You also gain 6.5 mm optical path. A 2" filter thread is integrated in this adapter.

We offer suitable T-rings for the M48 thread to connect DSLRs. If you want to use a camera with T2 connection, we also offer the transition adapter to T2.

Connection of 2" nebula filters or L-RGB filters

With the filter drawer TSFSLM48 you can integrate 2" nebula filters and L-RGB filters. The drawer requires only 18 mm optical path. So you will have no focus problems with astrocameras. For cameras with longer working distance (DSLR with adapter for example) we offer short camera mount adapters.

Visual observation through the TS 70 mm quadruplet

The quadruplet is a photo apo. The back focus is not sufficient for 2" or 1.25" star diagonals. The TSZPT2 T2 star diagonal prism allows observation with 1.25" eyepieces. For connection you need:

TSM5475-T2 ... adapter from M54x0.75 to T2 male thread
TSZPT2 ... T2 star diagonal prism
T2i-125 ... 1.25" eyepiece connector

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