TS-Optics ED 102 mm f/7 Refractor Telescope with 2.5" R&P focuser

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Product information

The 102 mm F/7 extra-Low dispersion - ED refractor from Teleskop-Service is an ideal transportable "Allround-telescope" for observation and astrophotography. The well corrected optics provide an almost aberration-free image, due to the moderate f-ratio and the built-in ED glas. You can use this APO refractor for astrophotography or for impressive visual observations. The good optics, the "photography-fit" 2.5" focuser and the solid construction guarantee joy and success and marvellous moments beneath the night sky.

The advantages of the TS 102 mm f7 ED refractor:

♦ very well corrected ED optics - adjustable
♦ rigid and accurate 2.5" focuser - ball-mounted extension tube - rack & pinion mechanism
♦ 2" receptacle with reduction to 1.25" with ring clamping and additional photo-thread M63x1 and M68x1 for screw-connections
♦ Robustly crafted tube with fixated dew cap and CNC tube rings guarantee optimal mechanical stability

The doublet ED objective:

The hand-manufactured objective is mounted in a temperature-compensated and adustable cell. It consists of two lenses including one ED element for a good correction of chromatic aberration. We use highest-quality multi-coating on each glass-air surface for optimal contrast.

The TS 102 mm f/7 ED refractor is perfectly suited for astrophotography:

The precise focuser and its light-gathering optics make the 102 mm ED refractor a well-suited telescope for astrophotograpy. To flatten the image field, we recommend the following correctors - they are also linked in the accessory section below

TSFLAT2 - 2" field corrector without focal length change ... outstanding illumination - also suitable for large sensors - a field of roughly 40 mm in diameter is illuminated 100%. The backfocus from the M48 thread of the corrector is 111 mm. With the TSFLAT2A adapter kit you will get a customized adaptation for your camera.

TSRED102 - 2" field corrector and focal length reduction ... the focal length is reduced from 714 mm to 571 mm. The f-ratio improves from F/7 to F/5.8. Exposure times shorten accordingly. We recommend this reducer for sensors up to 30 mm diameter, for example APS-C format. The backfocus from the T2 thread of the corrector is 55 mm

♦ The TS 102 mm ED-Refractor with 714 mm focal length is a highly recommended telescope for astrophotography and for visual observation.

♦ Premium 102 mm f/7,0 ED 2-Element-objective with improved color correction and high light sensitivity - glas by Ohara (Japan)

♦ Outstanding mechanical quality with CNC-tube, CNC-tube rings and temperature-compensated adjustable objective mounting system

♦ 2.5" Rack&Pinion focuser with micro-gear-reduction - one of the very best focusers of our TS product range for high loads

♦ 2" receptacle, M68x1 and M63x1 female thread are available for adaptations

♦ High-quality image-field correctors and reducers for astrophotography are optionally available

♦ Dove tail - GP/EQ5 Level is included

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PREORDER Approx 1 Week
Product Code TSED102F7
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