TS-Optics Imaging Star 80 mm f/4.4 - 6-element Flatfield APO Telescope

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Fast 80 mm apochromat - f/4.4 with 352 mm focal length - flat image field through built-in 3-element corrector.

♦ Airspaced FPL53 triplet lens for an image free from chromatic aberrations.

♦ 3-element corrector for a very good field correction.

♦ Built-in tilting mechanism for the best possible correction of the star images over the complete field.

♦ The camera is completely screwed to the focuser.

♦ Newly designed dual-speed 2.5" R&P focuser for highest stiffness.

♦ Working distance of 55 mm from the M48 connecting thread (perfect for DSLR)

♦ If the M48 extension is unscrewed, the working distance increases to 74 mm from the M48 thread for the adaptation of filter drawers, off-axis guiders, ...

TS Optics Imaging Star 80 mm f/4.4 Flatfield APO Telescope

IMAGING STAR Apo Refractor Telescopes from Teleskop Service are developed for the dedicated astrophotographer. Objective and corrector are perfectly matched to each other for best results on axis and in the field. With f/4.4, this 80 mm apo offers an enormous speed. In direct comparison to an apo with f/6, you can reach the same saturation with just half of the exposure time.

The apo offers a well corrected and illuminated image field of approx. 42 mm diameter. Because of the moderate exposure times, the noise can be kept very low, which benefits especially the owners of uncooled DSLR cameras. Of course, the apochromat is suitable for CCD cameras, too.

The advantages and features of the TS Imaging Star 80 mm Apo:

♦ 80 mm aperture - fast f/4.4
♦ FPL53 triplet objective from Ohara (Japan) for an image free of chromatic errors
♦ Newly designed dual-speed (10:1) 2.5" R&P focuser for directly screwed-in connection of the camera
♦ Well corrected and illuminated image field with 42 mm diameter
♦ 360° rotation für optimal positioning of the object on the chip
♦ CNC tube rings for optimal mounting
♦ Stable aluminum case for transport and storage with space for accessories
♦ Retractable dew cap - transportation length only 400 mm

The TS Imaging Star is an extreme telescope:

It is a technical challenge to construct an apo with 80 mm aperture and this extreme speed of f/4.4 and additionally to offer an image field of 42 mm diameter to the astrophotographer. Precisely because of the extreme speed, we abstain from any clamping, as it can cause a slight tilting which distorts the stars at the edges. Conclusion: only a completely threaded connection makes sense. For achieving an even better field correction, we have additionally introduced a device for

Tilting - for getting even better stars at the edges. By a tilting device at the end of the focuser, you can achieve an even better field correction. Minimal tilting, also of the camera sensor, already affect the image of this extreme telescope. With the three draw bolts and the three pressure bolts at the end of the telescope, you can achieve a custom fine adjustment for a really outstanding sharpness from one side of the sensor to the other.

Mounting the camera to the telescope:

The camera is connected via the M48x0.75 thread or the M68 thread. The distance of the M48 thread to the camera sensor is exactly 55 mm, so you have enough space for custom adaptions and for all commercially available cameras.

The 2.5" rack and pinion focuser:

The newly designed 2.5" R&P focuser holds even heavy cameras without tilting. It was escpecially designed for photographic use. Adjustment is done by a rack WITHOUT shifting. The knurled screw at the base blocks the adjusting mechanism and guarantees perfect keeping of the focus over hours. Additionally, you can lock the draw tube also with a knurled screw at the upper side.

The focuser includes the 3-element corrector and has an M68x1 ZEISS level connection thread at the camera side. Also included is the reduction to M48 and the M48 tilting device - everything completely screwed together, of course.

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