Visual Accessories Bundle for Altair 60mm to 80mm Refractor Telescopes

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Product information

This accessory bundle is for those buying a any refractor telescope from 60mm to 80mm aperture.

You won't find anything like these quality accessories in other packages - they would have to be bought separately. The accessories which come with non-Altair refractors are nowhere near as high quality.
Particularly well suited for small Skywatcher refractors, Altair / Starwave refractors when bought as optical tube only "OTA".

Package includes: 

  • A Quality FMC 17mm flat field eyepiece with large rear lens for easy eye placement and comfortable viewing. A key barrier to enjoying your first scope is looking through a keyhole, or having to place your eye so it's almost touching the lens. This eyepiece has 16mm high eye relief and a large rear lens. It's sharp, comfortable, and has a CNC machined metal barrel with fold-down rubber eyecup for glasses-wearers.
  • Quality all metal CNC machined Star Diagonal with 99% reflective Dielectric coatings. The brightness and contrast will be better than the cheap, plasticky diagonal you get with most refractor telescopes and the coatings will last several decades and are easy to clean without scratching unlike aluminium coatings.
  • High quality all-metal Red Dot Finder (RDF) with adjustable brightness, unlike the cheap plastic ones thrown in with most scopes, which fall apart and lose alignment with the smallest knock, or just break off! 
  • Universal quick release metal finder shoe bracket, and metal finder stalk for the above. Note: This bracket fits all Altair refractors and most others, however, if your new scope doesn't have a removable finder bracket, the stalk will fit all Skywatcher and Celestron refractor finder brackets, so you can still use the RDF either way.
  • A optical cleaning cloth.

In the box:

  • RDF finder, variable brightness, multiple reticules, metal body.
  • Metal mounting stalk, fits Altair, Synta, SkyWatcher and Celestron finder brackets.
  • Universal quick release finder bracket. Product code: UNIFBR
  • All metal 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal with 99% reflective coatings, brass compression rin.
  • Wide Angle 17mm Eyepiece with Full Multi Coatings, 65° Field of View (FOV), 16mm Eye Relief, 1.25" barrel and two dust caps.
  • Dust cloth for eyepiece and RDF
  • Allen keys for adjustment of the RDF reticule and for mounting it to the metal finder stalk.

Bought your first scope? Why not start out with quality accessories? Unlike the accessories included for free with most starter-telescopes, both optical and mechanical quality are very good. Altair's philosophy is not to start with low quality plastic accessories, because quality accessories and optics lead to greater enjoyment of this amazing hobby.

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