Vixen AP ED80Sf Telescope Set

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Product information

  • Collapsible travel mount with manual fine adjustment
  • The modular system can be dismantled in a few simple steps
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in slip clutch mechanism
  • Ideal for air travel High-quality ED refractor
  • High sharpness and contrast Upgradable motor set
  • Total weight: 14.3 kg

The AP mount provides a secure, stable support for your telescope. Thanks to the slip clutch mechanism, the mount can be quickly adjusted to the target object. There is a wide range of optional accessories. The ADVANCED PLUS mount is ideal for both beginners and advanced observers who require a lightweight travel mount.

Stylish design
The AP mount features an ultra-smooth finish without any projecting parts. Simply place your telescope on the mount and move it to the desired celestial object without having to loosen any clamps!

Quick polar alignment
The slip clutches allow you to easily adjust the telescope to your target object – no more searching for adjustment clamps in the dark! An optional polar meter is available, which enables you to locate the celestial pole when it is hidden by trees or buildings.

Optional polar finder scope
The innovative polar finder scope provides a new way to polar align your telescope. Simply align the stars in the crosshair reticle with the same stars in the night sky. Polar alignment is achieved via 3 reference stars. The polar finder is illuminated to facilitate orientation and switches off automatically after 3 minutes to save battery power.

Optional power supply
The RA and DEC motor modules are powered by four AA alkaline, NiMh or NiCd batteries. The RA motor module has a USB Micro-B interface for an external power supply. A USB power pack or car charging cable can be used for longer observation sessions.

Optional STAR BOOK ONE control
The STAR BOOK ONE is a multifunctional and intuitive control that tracks in the RA and DC axis with a range of different speeds. The tracking options are designed for time lapse cameras at a wide range of speeds, including sidereal, lunar and solar rates. The control also offers many useful functions such as backlash compensation, autoguider port, PEC and a built-in red LED light. The STAR BOOK ONE control is designed for the AP-SM mount and is an integral part of the RA motor module.

ED80Sf optical tube
An apochromatic refractor that reduces colour defects to a minimum.
Specifications: ED80Sf
Lens: 80mm ED 2-lens apochromat, multi-coated
Focal length: 600mm (F7.5)
Resolution and limiting magnitude: 1.45 arc seconds; 11.3
Light-gathering power: 131x
Dimensions and weight: (OD) 100 mm x (L) 570 mm; 3.4 kg
Finder scope: 9x50 mm finder scope
Adapter and connections: 42 mm for T-mount and 31.7 mm with flip mirror; 50.8 mm option*

APP-TL130 tripod
The compact APP-TL130 tripod is adjustable between 60 cm and 130 cm and combines the portability of a camera tripod with the strength of an astronomical telescope tripod. The tripod can be switched between rubber and metal spikes to prevent floor damage in indoor spaces.


  • Ideal for air travel
  • Collapsible travel mount with manual fine adjustment
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Upgradable motor set
  • High-quality ED refractor with 80 mm lenses
  • High sharpness and contrast
  • Total weight: 14.3 kg

  • ED80Sf ED refractor telescope
  • AP mount
  • APP TL 130 tripod
  • Flip mirror
  • 9x50 mm finder scope
  • Tube clamps
  • Dovetail adapter
  • Aluminium case

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Product Code X000182
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