Vixen AP-SD81S II Telescope set

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Product information

  • Complete telescope set with mount, tripod and eyepieces
  • Ultra-compact and stable tripod
  • Slip clutch for easy adjustment without clamping
  • Lightweight and portable for rapid deployment
  • "Made in Japan" modular mounting system
  • "Made in Japan" high-quality SD refractor
  • 81 mm SD lenses and 625 mm focal length
  • SD glass for high-contrast, pure-colour and sharp images
  • Total weight: 13.1 kg

Complete telescope set with AP mount, APP-TL130 tripod, eyepieces and SD 81S II refractor telescope

About the ADVANCED POLARIS EQ mount (AP)
The ADVANCED POLARIS mount is perfect for both beginners and advanced observers who require a lightweight travel mount.
Functions of AP mount
Stylish design and intuitive controls
The AP mount features an ultra-smooth finish without any projecting parts. Simply place your telescope on the mount and move it to the desired celestial object without having to loosen any clamps! The mount requires four AA batteries, which are inserted inside the AP mount. This prevents unnecessary cable clutter and reduces the risk of pulling the cables or knocking the mount over in the dark.

Quick polar alignment
The slip clutches allow you to adjust the telescope to your target object easily - no more searching for adjustment clamps in the dark! An optional polar meter is available, which enables you to locate the celestial pole when it is hidden by trees or buildings.

Optional polar finder scope available
The innovative polar finder scope provides a new way to polar align your telescope. Simply align the stars in the crosshair reticle with the same stars in the night sky. Polar alignment is achieved using 3 reference stars. The polar finder is illuminated to facilitate orientation and switches off automatically after 3 minutes to save battery power.

Ultra-compact tripod
The newly developed APP-TL130 tripod provides portability and stability for astronomical observations. Measuring just 60 cm when retracted, it is ideal for on-the-go use. The tripod can be extended to a height of 130 cm. The ends of the tripod legs have a retractable rubber cover that protects the floor against scratches.

The SD81S refractor in detail

A new apochromatic refractor with high-performance Super ED glass (=SD). The FPL53 glass produces an extremely clear and sharp image by eliminating residual chromatic aberration.
The SD glass is designed to focus all beams of violet, red, blue, yellow and green light exactly onto the same level. The special lens material reduces chromatic aberration across all colours. Together with the new optional SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD, these refractors provide illumination with a 44 mm image circle for full-frame SLR cameras.
Another advantage of these SD refractors is their short length and lightweight design.
The ED81SII, ED103S and ED115S refractors were originally designed for visual observers or photographers with an APS-C camera. However, the new SD series features new inner panels which are optimised for full-frame cameras.

The large focuser allows you to attach heavy cameras without the telescope tilting.

The telescope also comes with a folding mirror for making observations in unfavourable conditions,

as well as a T2 thread for connecting a DSLR camera.


  • Complete telescope set with mount, tripod and eyepieces
  • 81 mm lenses and 625 mm focal length, f7.7
  • Resolution: 1.43
  • Limiting magnitude: 11.3
  • Light-gathering power: 134x
  • Ultra-compact and stable tripod
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Slip clutch for easy adjustment
  • Great for travelling
  • Optional motor control upgrade

Delivery content

  • SD81S telescope
  • AP mount with manual fine adjustment
  • APP TL 130 tripod
  • 2 eyepieces
  • Folding mirror, carry handle
  • 2 counterweights

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Deep Sky Observation
  • Lunar photography
  • Lunar observation
  • Planetary observation
Focus Group
  • Beginners
  • Advanced Amateurs
  • Visual enthusiasts
Optical design Apochomatic Refractor
Maximum recommended magnification 160
ED glass
Mirror/Lens diam. 81 mm
Focal length 625 mm
Aperture ratio 7.7
Angular resolution 1.43 arc seconds
Visual limiting magnitude (approx., mag) 11.3
Type of coating Fully multi-coated
Colour of coating green
Mount type Equatorial

Product Info

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Product Code X000066
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