Vixen Flattener HD Kit for FL55SS Telescopes

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Product information

  • Field flattener lens for the FL55S fluorite refractor
  • Turns the FL55SS into a premium astrograph
  • Suitable for cameras with full-frame sensor
  • 44 mm illumination for full-frame DSLR cameras
  • Cutting-edge AS coating for high light transmission
  • Accessories: 66 mm extension tube
  • Weight: 196 g

Converts the FL55SS into a high-performance astrograph The kit consists of a high-performance flattener lens, a reducer and the EX TUBE 66 connection ring, which was developed for the FL55SS Fluorite Apochromatic Refractor and improves photographic performance by dramatically flattening the surface.

Ultra-sharp image over the entire field of view of the DSLR full-frame sensor
The Flattener HD for the FL55SS reduces the change in the focal length of the FL55SS to a minimum and improves the evenness of the surface for prime-focus photography. The 44 mm image circle covers the entire field of view of a full-frame DSLR camera. When used in combination with the HD5.5 Reducer, the focal length is reduced by 0.79x (from f5.5 to f4.3) and the image circle retains a diameter of 44 mm, which significantly improves the sharpness across the entire field of view of DSLR cameras with a full-frame sensor.

96% light volume to the edge of the field of view
The Flattener HD was specially developed for the FL55SS refractor to reduce loss of light to a minimum across the entire 44 mm image circle of full-frame DSLR cameras.

Exceptionally high contrast
The same anti-reflective AS coatings used on our high-end VSD 100 f/3.8 astrograph are used to provide an outstanding light transmission of 99.9% per lens surface. Thanks to the matte black surface of the Reducer HD kit, loss of light, ghosting and scattered light and largely prevented.


  • Ultra-sharp image over the entire field of view
  • Designed for full-frame cameras
  • Illuminates 44 mm image circle
  • Cutting-edge AS coating

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