Vixen Reducer HD 5.5''

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Product information

The combination of the FL55SSflattener and this reducer is perfect for photographing large celestial objects or sections of the Milky Way.
This combination provides an APO astrograph with a focal length of just 239 mm and a corrected field of view with a diameter of 44 mm.
Thanks to the corrector, the result is a razor-sharp image on the optical axis and at the edges.

Stars are rendered smaller and sharper than with comparable telephoto lenses.

The anti-reflex AS coating, which is also used on our high-end VSD 100 f/3.8 astrograph, delivers a high light transmission of 99.9% per lens surface. Loss of light, ghosting and scattered light images are virtually eliminated thanks to the completely matte interior coating.

However, in order to ensure optimal quality, the reducer should only be used in conjunction with the corresponding flattener.
The VI37252 Flattener is required for this purpose, which flattens and corrects the image.

The reducer is screwed behind the flattener in place of the extension tube.


  • Reduces the focal length to 239 mm
  • Corrects 44 mm diameter field of view
  • Designed for full-frame DSLR cameras
  • Special anti-reflex AS coating
  • 99.9% light transmission per lens surface
  • Only designed for use in combination with a flattener
  • 60 mm connection thread

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