Vixen-type Side-By-Side Mounting System BLACK

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Product information

This small light strong dual mounting bar is compatible with most telescopes having the Vixen/Synta format dovetail system, allowing you to mount two telescopes side-by-side with a 160mm (6.3") centre-to-centre separation between the optical tubes.

Recommended for imaging with small portable refractors and or a guide scope, or dual white-light and Ha Solar observing. This product is ideal when ordered with guide scope rings, and an autoguiding package. Recommended for portable imaging with the Astrotrac mount.

To check your telescopes will sit next to each other with enough clearance, place them side-by-side on a flat surface with a centre-to-centre separation of 160mm or less. If the optical tubes don't touch, then they will fit this product.

The system comprises of 2x "SVDC" Vixen-format clamps, mounted side-by-side on a single 180mm Vixen-format dovetail bar with 4x included stainless steel M6 screws to attach a clamp to each end of the bar. 

All TMS components are modular, and compatible with the rest of the Altair TMS Telescope Mounting System range - for example you can mount Altair TMS Ultra Light Guidescope Rings on both the underside of these Vixen-format dovetail clamps, or directly to the Vixen-format bar itself using the same stainless M6 screws.

This clamp and bar assembly is hard-anodised in Black for good resistance to tarnishing or scratching. Black goes with any colour, including Altair TMS clear silver or blue anodised mounting equipment.

  • The SVDC can be bolted directly to each end of the Altair TMS 250mm, 300mm or 350mm Losmandy dovetail plates for mounting dual telescopes side-by-side, so you don't need to buy another purpose built side-by-side bar.
  • The SVDC can be bolted directly to each end of the Altair TMS 180mm or 250mm Vixen dovetail plates for mounting dual telescopes side-by-side, so you don't need to buy another purpose built side-by-side bar.
  • The SVDC fits iOptron Minitower & Minitower PRO mounts with the appropriate Altair TMS Minitower Adapter Puck.
  • The Vixen-format dovetail bar allows you to attach a pair of Altair TMS Ultralight Guide Scope Rings directly to the top or bottom in three different positions along the length of the plate. 2x Stainless M6 screws are provided wth the guide scope rings.
Product design:
  • Precision CNC machined in the UK, and Hard Black anodised to match the Altair TMS hardware range. 
  • Doesn't mar or damage the dovetail bar, because it uses a flat clamping surface, unlike other products which rely on screws to grip the bar, which invariably dig into the metal when tightened. Mechanical alignment is more repeatable using this method.
  • Safe and easy "tip in" saddle lets you position your telescope quickly and easily, while tightening up the clamps with your other hand. Based on feedback from customers.
  • Chamfered and radiused edges to make it even easier to get a heavy OTA placed securely before tightening the clamps, and to prevent scratching.
  • No sharp edges or poor machining like other products on the market.
  • The clamp has it's own "self registering" machined guides, unlike inferior makes, where the thread alone takes most of the strain. This increased rigidity for imaging.
  • The Self registering spring loaded clamp is over-engineered to grip with maximum strength and rigidity. Your mount and scope alignment is therefore more "repeatable" than cheaper designs, reducing orthogonality errors between mount and optical tube.
  • Stainless Steel thread is used (unlike cheap chromed, zinc plated, or black steel threads which corrode after a few months as the coating deteriorates in damp conditions).
  • Heavy duty hard anodised star knobs, custom-machined for a positive grip (we tested several iterations). The knobs have a nylon washer to stop binding, making them easier to undo if over-tightened. They are now easier on the hands than ever before, with a smoother radius, yet still allow enough grip for use while wearing gloves. They will not crack or slip off the threads unlike cheap plastic grips which are often glued on to the threads and you can put immense pressure on them if you whish.
  • A very high level of quality for customers who want the best in Telescope Mounting Systems, with the most versatility, and the minimum number of components.

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