WarpAstron WARPDRIVE WD-17 Harmonic Drive Mount

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Product information

A High precision telescope mount with WarpAstron’s exclusive Servo Direct Drive Technology. 

No BACKLASH and No additional belts i the drivetrain therefore mounts providing ideal performance at the same level!

Mount head weighs only only 3.8kg with both both Losmandy & Vixen dovetail support.

Optional counterweight.

The Warp Astron WD-17 is the first harmonic drive mount based on Servo Direct Drive technology. It has only one stage reducer – a backlash free strain wave reducer, which eliminates the backlash typical on all belt and gear driven mounts. 

RA axis using Type 17 SWR which providing same load capacity like most of harmonic drive mounts at the same time. It only weighted 3.8kg including support both Vixen & Losmandy dovetails.

Optimise base can be smoothly fine adjusted with CNC fine tooth screw and gap control design, which make it much easier for polar alignment.


Servo Direct Drive

Servo motor direct driving stain wave reducer, taking advantage of fast response and precise positioning, every mount provides constantly high precision guiding at the same level.

Easy Partner

Only weighted 5.4kg supporting both Losmandy & Vixen dovetail, thickness of main body up to 1cm.

Low Temperature Friendly

Operating environment lower to -25℃, Powerful direct drive & Special heating design.

High Precision Encoder: Ensure high precision positioning for servo motor, far exceeding any stepper.

GPS: GPS / Beidou positioning module, for automatic positioning which synchronises time and location to your chosen imaging software for outdoor operation.

Maintenance Free

Constantly powerful driving by servo motor. No belt tension adjustment issues due to aging.


  • Type: German Equatorial Mount/Altazimuth Mount
  • Reducer:RA:17 harmonic / DEC:14 harmonic
  • Transmission: Servo Direct Drive Harmonic
  • Motor: BLDC servo motor
  • Weight:~4.2kg (with dovetail clamp installed)
  • Load capacity:13.5kg (without weight) / 20kg (with weight) @20cm RA
  • Materials: Al 6061, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: ABS Dark Sky Gray / Graphite Black Anodized
  • Home function: Electronic homing
  • Brake protection: Electromagnetic brake on RA axis
  • Adjustment range: ALT:0~90°,AZ:+/-8
  • Time/Position: GPS / Beidou synchronization - time/latitude/longitude
  • Dovetail groove type: Losmandy (wide) & Vixen (narrow)
  • Manual controller: Wired control handle
  • Communication protocol: ASCOM/NDILX 200
  • Communication interface: USB Type-C
  • Guide Star Interface: ST4 (USB Type-c)
  • Wireless interface: Bluetooth or WIFI
  • Power supply: 12V 5A5.5 * 21MM
  • Power: standby: 0.3A GOTO: 1-2A
  • Protection: surge protection & overcurrent protection
  • Working ambient temperature environment: -25 - +50 ℃

Model WD-20 WD-17
Mount Type Equatorial/Altazimuth
Reduction Gear RA:  20 Strain Wave Reducer 17 Strain Wave Reducer
  17 Strain Wave Reducer 14 Strain Wave Reducer
Drive  Direct-drive motor with SWR
Motor  BLDC Servo Motor
Head Weight  5.4kg (11.9lb)  4.3kg (9.4lb)
Load Capacity *1 50Nm (Standard) /60Nm (Max allowed)
22kg/44lb (without counterweights)
30kg/66lb (with counterweights)
26Nm (Standard) /38Nm (Max allowed)
13.5kg/29lb (without counterweights)
20kg/44lb (with counterweights)
Material  AL6061, Stainless Steel, Brass, ABS
Brake  RA Axis Electronic Brake
Dovetail compatibility Vixen & Losmandy
Counterweight Shaft  M12 Shaft (1.75mm Pitch)
Max Slew Rate 2.8°/s 3.5°/s
Adjustment Range  ALT 0~90°, AZ +/-8°
Operating Temp.   -25℃ ~ 50℃
System Controller OnStep
Protocols supported ASCOM / INDI / LX200 / INDIGO
Home Control*2  2-axis Homing Sensors Coordinates Memory(FRAM)
PC Connection  USB Type-C*3
Guide Connection USB Type-C (ST4)*4
Time/Location  Built-in GPS
Power  12V 5A with 5.5*2.1/2.5mm DC socket
Wireless *5  WIFI 802.11g/Bluetooth
1. Standard: Recommend for better performance; Max Allowed: Load can be moved by mount; User MUST consider the tripod stability and center of gravity if using counterweights.
2. WD-20 has home sensors on both axes, it can return home even with coordinate errors; WD-17 can return to home position by relying on coordinates memorized in the FRAM Chip. Position saved when powered off.
3. Mounts support both USB Type-C to C and USB Type-C to A cables.
4. ST4 port is used for hand controller connection, and ST-4 guiding which require an optional converter for connecting to RJ-12 port.
5. Wireless functionality may vary by country and region, and ambient radio noise levels.

Product Info

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Product Code WA-WD17S
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