WarpAstron WARPDRIVE WD-20 Harmonic Drive Mount

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Product information

The WarpAstron WD-20 is a compact heavy duty harmonic drive mount based on a unique Servo Direct Drive technology with a standard load capacity of up to 50NM without using a counterweight. 

This mount is suitable for medium weight telescopes like the Altair 130mm 150mm Refractors or Celestron C11, which can be easily handled with accurate guiding performance.

The CNC machined mount head contains high power density servo motors, significantly boosting load capacity while keeping the mount head weight to only 5.4kg.

Both axes have a homing sensor, which makes astrophotography more convenient for remote control/observatories.


Servo Direct Drive

Servo motor direct driving stain wave reducer, taking advantage of fast response and precise positioning, every mount provides constantly high precision guiding at the same level.

Dovetail clamp

Supports both 75mm Losmandy format and 45mm Vixen format dovetail bars.

50NM+ Load Capacity

Load up to 22kg without CW @25cm from RA axis determined by optical tube length and lever-arm performance.

High Precision Encoders

Ensure high precision positioning for the servo motors, far exceeding any stepper motor in performance.


GPS / Beidou positioning module inside, for automatic positioning which easily sync time/location to NINA etc. for outdoor operation.

CNC Machined head assembly

Main body machined on a 5 axis CNC milling machine to ensure high strength and reduce flex. Deep Sky Grey/Carbon Black anodized.

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